Historical Sites Programs

Lincoln Leadership Experience

Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois

Held in the Springfield, Illinois, downtown area, this program utilizes several of the historic Lincoln sites there, primary among them the Lincoln Library and Museum. Lincoln’s evolution as a leader is the focus of this program, from his initial campaigning for a state congressional representative seat to the end of his presidency. Generally accepted as the iconic figure of the presidency of the United States, Abraham Lincoln led in such a way that his impact on the history of democracy is readily apparent.

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Pacific War Leadership Experience

National Museum of the Pacific War, located in Fredericksburg,Texas

This program examines the actions and decisions of many key leaders in the critical engagements that shaped the outcome of WWII in the Pacific. From Midway to Guadalcanal, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, the Leyte Gulf, and little-known Buna-Gona, Allied and Japanese commanders demonstrated how aligned teams and mission focus amidst ambiguity and chaos drive organizational agility (or the lack thereof) to shape results. Case studies are explored in state-of-the-art museum settings and in exhibits in neighboring facilities.

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Championing Diversity and Inclusiveness: The Integration of Professional Baseball

Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, New York

The story of the 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers with Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese provides a fascinating and directly relevant metaphor within which to explore the contemporary issues related to diversity and inclusiveness in the corporate context. The one-day program is interactive and rewarding and intended to enhance leadership capability in diverse and inclusive environments.

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Wright Brothers Leadership Experience

Wright Brothers National Memorial, located Outer Banks of North Carolina

At Kitty Hawk, walk the ground of the first manned, powered, heavier-than-air flight. Explore how the creators of one of history’s greatest innovations stayed true to core values, furthered fundamental science, created technological advancements, and led a small team to triumph. Experience what it feels like to fly the way the Wrights did—using only wind, the sand, and their own innovation.

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Charleston Leadership Experience

Charleston, South Carolina

The Charleston Leadership Experience is a two-and-a-half day program that focuses on several key leadership examples and lessons from the Revolutionary and Civil War periods.Besides being rich with historical leadership examples, Charleston is a wonderful place to visit. Condé Nast Traveler readers have voted Charleston “the number one city in the United States” for four years in a row.

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The Henry Ford Innovation Experience

Dearborn, Michigan

In this program, we will explore the importance of intellectual curiosity in the innovation process. The Age of Innovation, spanning the latter 1800s and extending into the early 1900s, was characterized by great business “disruptors” of the era. We will study Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison, and The Wright Brothers.

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Transcontinental Railroad Leadership Experience

Promontory, Utah

Near Promontory, Utah, walk the ground where the nation’s first transcontinental railroad tracks joined, linking the United States from “sea to shining sea.” Watch steam engine locomotives re-enact the historic day when freight and passengers could finally be transported from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast and explore the feat of engineering and business that sparked social, cultural, and economic transformation in the Reconstruction Era.

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