Churchill Leadership Experience

Offered at various locations

Based upon the extraordinary life of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the embodiment of the British war effort in World War II, this course explores Churchill’s unsurpassed ability to convey a vision of victory in the face of overwhelming odds, streamline his cabinet’s wartime organizational structure, select effective subordinates, and maintain strategic partnerships that enabled Great Britain to withstand Germany’s onslaught. Through a combination of historical case studies and workshop discussions, participants will use compelling lessons from Winston Churchill’s life to reveal the power of communication, alignment, and committed leadership.

Methodology & Delivery

Combining pre-reading with the use of highly effective technology and mixed media, our individual-based classroom programs can be delivered in traditional corporate conference venues to groups as small as 20 participants or as large as 1,400 participants at once.

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Selected Case Studies

  • Winston Churchill and the Cabinet, 1940
  • Winston Churchill's "Finest Hour"
  • Winston Churchill's Strategic Decision Making

Key Leadership Lessons

  • Forging alignment across organizations
  • Influencing without resources
  • Managing executive disagreement
  • Instilling a winning mindset


The Churchill Leadership Experience is a one day program delivered at the Churchill War Room in London, England, consisting of leadership training in one of the historic rooms in the complex, followed by a guided tour and cocktails and dinner in the museum. Customization is possible.


A classroom workshop version of the Churchill Leadership Experience is also available and can be conducted in a traditional conference center or corporate facility of the client’s choosing.

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