Decisions of Consequence

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September 11, 2001, was a date that changed the life of every American and altered the course of world history. Based on stories from individuals who played critical roles in the response to the terrorist attacks, this course explores leadership decisions amid crisis and the consequences that result from them. Through a combination of historical case studies and workshop discussions, participants will be inspired to hone their abilities to think clearly, act decisively, and lead with determination, even during periods of ambiguity.

Methodology & Delivery

Combining pre-reading with the use of highly effective technology, mixed media, and case studies, our Theme-Based workshops can be delivered in traditional corporate conference venues to groups as small as 20 participants or as large as 1,400 participants at once.

Our programs are designed in a modular fashion so sessions of differing lengths and depth can be developed to meet an organization’s objectives and needs. Working in advance to create a highly customized session, we can highlight selected combinations of case studies and battle events in order to emphasize certain lessons or messages.  The programs can also be intermittently delivered in an interstitial mode to fit differing agendas or featured as parts of broader agendas for corporate meeting or conference plans.


Additional Information

The workshop model combines case studies, battle maps, video clips, PowerPoint slide content, facilitated general discussions, and small group work as part of the design. It is highly interactive among participants and strongly iterative between facilitators and the audience. The proprietary case studies act as the centerpiece, and the programs are designed modularly to accommodate differing delivery requirements. The general rule is two hours of program time for each case study included, with six-eight hours as an optimal program length. However, if a client wants a more lasting impact and a more focused deliverable as part of the process, a 1.5-day (12-hour) approach is recommended so an overnight period and a targeted work assignment figure into the reflection time for the participants. The minimum program time is four hours.

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Selected Case Studies

  • Miracle on the Hudson
  • September 11, 2001
  • 2001 World Series

Key Leadership Lessons

  • The impact of thorough preparation and planning on execution under pressure
  • Making decisions with incomplete or inadequate information
  • Communicating a compelling vision and enrolling peers and subordinates in decisions and initiatives
  • Distinguishing critical from important–prioritizing decisions and actions


The standard classroom program length is eight hours but can be expanded to 12 hours if needed.  A minimum length of four hours is required, which allows time for the necessary context and overview of the battle and for an in-depth examination of two leadership case studies, along with concluding exercises and comments. Each added case study requires two additional hours of program time.

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