Gettysburg Program

Offered at various locations

The Gettysburg program uses the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg as a leadership case study to focus on the challenges faced by leaders of large and complex organizations who were engaged in actions that shaped our nation’s history. The Battle of Gettysburg is an excellent metaphor from which to discuss and explore leadership principles and characteristics.

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Selected Case Studies

  • Joshua Chamberlain
  • Admiral Grace Hopper
  • Sir Earnest Shackleton

Selected Leadership Lessons

  • Distinguishing critical from important–prioritizing decisions and actions
  • Taking initiative in ambiguous or chaotic situations
  • Creating team alignment and a sense of team achievement
  • Monitoring succession readiness and ensuring succession


The standard workshop length is eight hours but can be expanded to 12 hours if needed.  A minimum length of four hours is required, which allows time for the necessary context and overview of the battle and for an in-depth examination of two leadership case studies, along with concluding exercises and comments. Each added case study requires two additional hours of program time.


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