Chamberlain Leadership Experience

Offered at various locations

Based upon the celebrated achievements of one of the Civil War’s unlikeliest of heroes, this course explores pivotal moments from the life of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, the onetime professor of rhetoric turned Union Army officer who successfully defended Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 16, 1863. Chamberlain exemplifies the importance of lifelong learning, thinking dynamically, exuding and imparting firm resolve in the face of uncertainty, and communicating effectively across multiple levels. Through a combination of historical case studies and class discussions, participants will develop a greater sense of how to refine their individual leadership styles to achieve both personal and organizational goals.

Methodology & Delivery

Combining pre-reading with the use of highly effective technology, mixed media, and case studies, our Individual-Based workshops can be delivered in traditional corporate conference venues to groups as small as 20 participants or as large as 1,400 participants at once.

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Selected Leadership Lessons

  • The impact of thorough preparation and planning on execution under pressure
  • Providing clarity of intent, direction, and expectations
  • The importance of knowing and understanding resource capabilities – human, material, and technological


The standard workshop length is eight hours but can be expanded to 12 hours if needed.  A minimum length of four hours is required, which allows time for the necessary context and overview of the battle and for an in-depth examination of two leadership case studies, along with concluding exercises and comments. Each added case study requires two additional hours of program time.


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