Little Bighorn Program

Offered at various locations

The Battle of the Little Bighorn, also called Custer’s Last Stand, occurred in 1876 near the Little Bighorn River in eastern Montana. The stunning victory of the combined forces of the Lakota and Northern Cheyenne tribes against the 7th Cavalry of the US Army was the most famous event of all of the Indian Wars. The story and its lessons provide a platform from which to understand important leadership principles in today’s hyper-competitive business environment.

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  • Sitting Bull
  • Maj. Marcus Reno
  • Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer


  • The dangers of complacency and underestimating of the competition
  • Forging alignment throughout and across organizational boundaries
  • Reinforcing mission focus and clarity of deliverables n
  • Communicating effectively in a rapidly evolving and complex environment
  • Resolving conflict and constructive confrontation


The standard workshop length is eight hours but can be expanded to 12 hours if needed.  A minimum length of four hours is required, which allows time for the necessary context and overview of the battle and for an in-depth examination of two leadership case studies, along with concluding exercises and comments. Each added case study requires two additional hours of program time.

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