Theme-based Classroom Programs

Participants in our case study and video-based classroom experiences can also benefit from our theme-based leadership programs. Our theme-based classroom programs focus on the following key thematic elements, and they contain cases based on individuals from different periods of history who were faced with similar challenges and who demonstrated similar principles through their leadership examples:

Leading in Crisis

The experiences of Col. Harold Moore (Vietnam), Gen. Robert E. Lee (Civil War), and famed Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton (1915) are investigated for the clues they provide about how adaptive leaders remain highly effective in times of crisis.

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Leading in Transition

The cases of Gen. Robert E. Lee (Civil War), Joshua Chamberlin (Civil War), and Gen. Frank Savage (fictional character) form the key examples for examining the actions and behavior of leaders who can maintain effectiveness and influence in very fluid circumstances.

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Leading with Character

The examples of Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, and Union Gen. George Meade are used to illustrate the force of character in shaping decisions and actions. The convictions and choices of these three figures are studied to illustrate how an abiding knowledge of one’s core moral principles drives and guides taking action against adversity in times of crisis. Participants gain a vivid understanding of how character, manifested through moral courage, can drive sound judgment under pressure.

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Championing Diversity and Inclusiveness: The Integration of Professional Baseball

The Championing Diversity and Inclusiveness program is designed for an audience with professional needs and sophistication beyond “sensitivity training.” The program’s purpose is to challenge and encourage leaders to actively engage elements of diversity in an inclusive and deliberate fashion. This program provides tools and language for action; participants will leave the program better able to serve as leaders for corporate diversity goals. Case studies of key personnel with the Brooklyn Dodgers provide a lens through which the mechanics and challenges of creating inclusive environments can be examined.

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Leaders of Character, Competence, and Courage: 3C Leaders

The cases of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (Civil War), Lt. Dick Winters (WWII), and Ms. Julie Moore (wife of a Vietnam battalion commander) are examined to amplify the dimensions of leadership related to credibility, composure, persistence, and trustworthiness, all of which are so crucial to effective leadership under pressure.

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