J.J. Puryear
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J.J. Puryear

Creative Director

Before joining the Battlefield Leadership team, J.J. spent over 20 years developing branding for a broad range of companies such as the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, BMW, Michelin, Firehouse Subs, Costa Sunglasses, Milliken, Verizon Wireless, Denny’s, and DreamWorks Pictures.

His work has frequently been recognized in prestigious advertising shows such as regional and national AAAwards, W3 Awards, the Art Directors Show, OBIE, and Graphis.

J.J. brings a one-on-one environment to each Battlefield Leadership experience and works with each client to give a tenured and professional approach to building their brand, as well as Battlefield Leadership’s. He does this by integrating packaging, print, promotions, web, video, and traditional advertising to develop each specific client experience.