Next offering July 2-6, 2023

On July 2-6, 2023, Battlefield Leadership embarks on an all-inclusive leadership tour of Normandy. Our facilitators will take you to the French beaches, cliffs, and villages that served as battlegrounds for the turning point of World War II in the West. This is an opportunity to walk on the very land and experience firsthand the weight of the events that occurred on June 6, 1944, the largest invasion ever assembled.

We will be staying four nights at the exclusive Château La Chenevière, a 5-star 18th century chateau located in Port-en-Bessin, France. Pricing is all inclusive and covers the program fee, lodging, meals, bus transport, entrance fees, and any related costs once participants arrive at the Chenevière.

For additional information please fill out our Normandy Open Enrollment Contact Form.

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