The Executive Athlete Program

Offered at various locations

 Modern athletes train using periods of high intensity and periods of recovery, trying to reach peak performance on the day of a big race, game, or match. In contrast, today’s business leaders are expected to function at a consistently high level. The global nature of thriving businesses and the 24-7 economy demand effort on par with that exerted by top athletes, yet we do not treat our executives and nonprofit managers as such; we expect maximum output and minimal downtime. The body is not designed to perform continuously at a high level. That’s why we see so many executives suffering from poor health, fatigue, burnout, and decreased decision-making ability. 

World-class athletes condition themselves and understand the roles rest and recuperation play in achieving outcomes. Battlefield Leadership’s Executive Athlete Program works with leaders to enhance time management skills and help develop a manageable approach to nutrition, strength training, and cardiovascular training. Our comprehensive methodology restores and improves fitness, enhancing the capability of key personnel to impact your team and your bottom line. 

Key Leadership Lessons:

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Key Leadership Lessons

  • Time Management
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Cardiovascular Training 
  • Mindfulness 


The Executive Athlete Program is offered as either a full-day workshop, a four-hour workshop, or a keynote presentation. A physical fitness event is optional. We will customize the program to meet your organization’s unique culture and desired outcomes. 

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