Mandela Leadership Experience

Based on the life of the game-changing leader for human freedom, this program focuses on four pivotal experiences which shaped Mandela’s leadership legacy to the world: his removal from home and education at a

school for privileged black South Africans; his struggle for power as a member of the African National Congress (ANC) leadership; his decision, while a political prisoner and party leader for the ANC, to secretly begin negotiations with the Apartheid government in violation of his party’s policy;  and the challenge of his assumption of leadership as President of

South Africa in the face of a racially-based cultural divide which had endured for generations.  Mandela’s example of moral courage, innovation, shrewd understanding of motivation and engagement, force of character as a team builder, and his comprehension of the power of symbolism, serve as the basis for examining and learning about change leadership of the most effective nature.

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