Lincoln Leadership Experience

Held in the downtown area of Springfield, Illinois, this program utilizes several of the historic Lincoln sites there, primary among them the Lincoln Library and Museum. Lincoln’s evolution as a leader is the focus of this program, from his initial campaigning for a state congressional representative seat to the end of his presidency. Generally accepted as the iconic figure of the presidency of the United States, Abraham Lincoln led in such a way that his impact on the history of democracy is readily apparent.

The qualities and competencies that made this so are examined in a series of case studies related to defining moments in Lincoln’s career. His confrontation as a congressman with President Polk over the infamous “Spot Resolutions,” his stand on slavery and “House Divided” speech as a US Senator, his head-on assault of the impending secession of Southern states, and his issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation are captured as pivotal events in Lincoln’s career which mark his legacy as a leader for freedom and for the institution of democracy worldwide.

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