Leadership Programs

Our programs and services have proven highly effective in catalyzing behavior change for organizations and business leaders at all levels.

Battlefield Programs

We offer a variety of onsite, battle-based experiential leadership training programs, all of which showcase vivid and profoundly impressive leadership lessons from history.

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Historical Sites Programs

These programs utilize a combination of museum displays, case studies, video clips, and interactive classroom sessions to focus on examples of leadership drawn from subject matter history.

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Classroom Programs

The classroom model combines case studies, battle maps, video clips, PowerPoint slide content, facilitated general discussions, and small group work as part of the design.

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Beyond the Battlefield:
Spaced Learning

We offer various opportunities to reinforce what participants learned through our initial programs. This includes integrated coaching and development, next-phase battlefield programs, meeting facilitation, and customized solutions for spaced learning objectives.

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The Executive Athlete Program

Battlefield Leadership’s The Executive Athlete Program works with your leaders to enhance their time management skills, nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular training, and mindfulness.

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