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Most people think that in order to prepare for an ever-changing business landscape, leaders need to look toward the future. We believe that in order to be ready for what’s next in any field, leaders should learn from the past. At Battlefield Leadership, we teach concepts from the best leaders of all time and help attendees connect those concepts to build their companies’ next generation of leaders. Find out how we can craft a specific battlefield or workshop experience for your team by clicking on the link below.

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More Testimonials from the Field

“The Normandy Program was a life changing experience. It gave us insight into visionary business leadership and how it can motivate our team. It shaped and bonded us together in a way no other program can do.”

Rand Harbert
CMO, State Farm


“Battlefield Leadership really gets into the details about our specific team dynamics and tailors each program for us so we can embrace and fold those specific experiences into our own leadership approach.”

Phillip Hawkins
Senior VP, State Farm


“Battlefield Leadership crafts every program in a relevant way that leaves a long lasting impression on the leadership culture of our business. The personal and financial investment on each experience has been so worth it.”

Stephen Gray
CEO, Gray, Inc.




Battlefield Leadership offers a variety of onsite programs, all of which showcase vivid and profoundly impressive leadership lessons from history. Programs are conducted on location, on the actual terrain of the historic battles, and feature lodging and meeting venues which are as period-authentic as possible.

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The classroom model combines case studies, battle maps, video clips, PowerPoint slide content, facilitated discussions, and small group work as part of the design. Classroom workshops are offered in three categories: Battle-based, Theme-based and Individual-based.

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We offer open enrollment programs to allow individual or small cohorts the opportunity to experience a signature leadership program without having to book an entire team.  This enables our experts to show how experiential learning will empower your organization, impacting it directly and inspiring new leadership behaviors.

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Some of our


More Testimonials

No other organization has defined leadership as succinctly or effectively as Battlefield Leadership. The lessons of character and competency have had a profound impact on our team.

Peter DarbeeCEO, PG&E

Battlefield Leadership used our company language with timeless leadership concepts that accelerated our decision making processes and strategy. The Battlefield Leadership experiences have been key to our team’s success.

Kamie EckertPresident, General Manager USA | Royal Canin

Battlefield Leadership is such a success story for General Mills. Our program made a powerful impact on individuals and the working team. We highly recommend this program and also greatly value the partnership with the principal consultants.

Kevin D. WildeVice President | General Mills, Inc

The Leadership Blog

Check out some of our most recent blogs about the ever changing world of business leadership.  Read how historical events can show us how to not only succeed but persevere through challenging times.

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