Normandy Leadership Experience: D-Day

Normandy, France

The Normandy Invasion, D-Day specifically, is a rich and stimulating source of leadership insight relevant to the challenges and opportunities of the current global business environment. Planning, organization, communication, teamwork, and initiative amid profound and increasingly rapid changes in circumstance are as critical now to effective execution as they were in 1944.
Throughout the Normandy Leadership Experience, we examine key strategic objectives and the tactical events that accompanied them, and we focus on the role leadership played in effective implementation–or the lack thereof. We also reflect upon the relevance of these timeless lessons and how each relates to contemporary leadership initiatives in participants’ current roles. Hallmarks of effective leadership and decision-making are explored in the context of D-Day operations.

Who Should Attend

The leadership principles and concepts presented through the Normandy Leadership Experience can be tailored to meet the needs of the highest level senior leaders to the less-experienced yet rising leaders within an organization. The Normandy program explores universal leadership themes any leader will find beneficial to his or her career growth and/or organizational aspirations. However, the Normandy Leadership Experience will be highly beneficial for leaders of large, complex, multi-national, or multi-cultural organizations experiencing tremendous change and/or professionals who are charged with leading a team (or teams) of the same nature.

Key Leadership Lessons:

Cascading Strategic VisionCommunicating AbiguityInstilling Innovation
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Selected Case Studies

  • Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
  • Maj. John Howard

Key Leadership Lessons

  • Communicating a vision that permeates the organization
  • Leader development including succession planning and readiness
  • Orchestrating efforts across boundaries
  • Leading in an ambiguous environment
  • Fostering a culture of innovation


Normandy & the D-Day Invasion Leadership Experience programs can be customized as desired to create a focus on particular leadership competencies or practices. The length of a Normandy program ranges from a minimum of 2.5 days to a full 5 days. Participants will prepare for the session by reading recommended books based upon the program sequence. A program book containing the case studies, relevant information for the program, and journaling pages will be provided for each participant by Battlefield Leadership.


A Leadership Workshop is also available at a traditional conference center or corporate training facility of the client’s choosing.

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