Boston Campaign Leadership Experience

Charlestown, Massachusetts

As the clock struck 9:00 on the night of April 18, 1775, Dr. Joseph Warren, one of the last patriot leaders left in Boston, heard a knock at his door. Anxious and agitated from the migraine he suffered whenever he was greatly excited, he hurriedly greeted Paul Revere, the silversmith whom he had summoned only an hour earlier, and told him that the British were preparing to send an expedition that night to capture John Hancock and Samuel Adams and seize the weapons and ammunition at Concord. Revere’s task was to ride out ahead of the British force and warn Hancock and Adams. Revere departed at once to begin what was to become one of the most famous rides in history. 

Facilitated discussions will focus on building and growing teams, inspirational leadership, leading during ambiguity, and examining character-based leadership of key leaders during the American Revolution’s Boston Campaign.

Key Leadership Lessons:

Communicating EffectivelyInfluencing without Direct Authority
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  • Dr. Joseph Warren
  • Paul Revere
  • Lt. Gen. Thomas Gage


  • The importance of creating alignment
  • Instilling initiative and innovation
  • Monitoring execution while driving empowerment
  • Character-based leadership


The Boston Campaign Leadership Experience is delivered over three days, beginning with a program introduction, strategic overview, and dinner on the first evening, followed by a full day on the battlefield and an After-Action Review (AAR) on the second day, followed by a half day on the battlefield with a working lunch and final AAR on the third day. Customization is possible.

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