What is Battlefield Leadership, and how do we help develop corporate leaders?

Battlefield Leadership is a consulting and training company specializing in customized experiential and classroom leadership training based in history. Our programs use highly engaging case studies derived from historic events and transformative figures to address contemporary challenges faced by our clients.

We have found that showcasing leadership lessons from history provides a dynamic platform from which to explore, discuss, and highlight contemporary leadership topics and issues. In addition, using leadership lessons from focused events or situations from history enables our participants to develop a shared frame of reference within which to begin and sustain their leadership development programs. We believe that effectively learning for the future is best accomplished via memorable stories about real people and events which have left a lasting imprint in a shared cultural memory that transcends time and national identity or origin.

The Benefits

Participants in our programs leave our training equipped with a completely new way of thinking about their roles and organizations.  They also possess a new set of tools to tackle challenges and develop leaders buoyed by the benefit of a shared, team-building experience.

The Experts

Our founders have developed over 25 different programs and delivered more than 500 battlefield and classroom leadership training sessions to thousands of executives and managers at all levels across industry sectors and types of companies. Our principal partners and lead facilitators are established experts and highly credible management consultants with extensive backgrounds in military history, corporate management and leadership, and organizational development consulting.