Specific Leader Based Programs

We offer Classroom Leadership Programs based on key figures from history, both contemporary and past, whose decisions and actions have had a pivotal role in shaping the history of their times, their countries or the entire world.  These Individual-based classroom programs include such notable leaders as:

Shackleton Leadership Experience

The Shackleton Leadership Experience is based on the harrowing and inspirational 22-month Antarctic voyage of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the men under his command aboard the Endurance from 1914 to 1916. Trapped in ice before reaching his team’s destination of the South Pole, facing dwindling supplies and with no means of communication to potential rescuers, Shackleton was faced with daily crises and life-or-death decisions.

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Churchill Leadership Experience

Winston Churchill undeniably stands as a leader who had a profound impact on his country and the world. The Churchill Leadership Experience explores the tumultuous life which shaped the young Winston and forged him into a leader of immense resolve and strength of character. His early years in the military, his overt failings in the House of Commons, his confrontation of the Nazi appeasement movement, and his leadership for the invasion of Europe all provide focal points for case studies which examine the essence of Churchill’s effectiveness and the causes of his disappointments.

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Mandela Leadership Experience

Based on the life of the game-changing leader for human freedom, this program focuses on four pivotal experiences which shaped Nelson Mandela’s leadership legacy to the world. Mandela’s example of moral courage, innovation, shrewd understanding of motivation and engagement, force of character as a team builder, and comprehension of the power of symbolism serves as the basis for change leadership of the most effective nature.

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Lincoln Leadership Experience

Abraham Lincoln, the iconic figure of the presidency of the United States, led in such a way that his impact on the history of democracy is readily apparent. The qualities and competencies that made him a superlative leader are examined in a series of case studies related to defining moments in Lincoln’s career. His confrontation as a congressman with President Polk over the infamous “Spot Resolutions,” his stand on slavery and “House Divided” speech as a US Senator, his head-on assault of the impending secession of Southern states, and his issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation are captured as pivotal events in Lincoln’s career which mark his legacy as a leader for freedom and for the institution of democracy worldwide.

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